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That’s it. I’m done for today. Too many stupid people…

Somebody (I’m not gonna throw names around, because that would be low) did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and then completely missed the point which is to create awareness and to collect donations for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (therefore the ALS-Challenge) and instead linked to a cancer research group… I’m all for people donating to whatever the hell they want and it’s fantastic that they donate to cancer research - but this is just somebody being stupid - and I just mentioned that the challenge was about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and that led to said person calling me names and basically being a rude asshole.

I don’t want your stupidity or drama in my life so BYE!

-__- Rant over.

I keep smiling even though I don’t really mean it…

I wish I had somebody to talk to about it. Whenever anybody ask me how I’m doing I always say I’m fine or similar. But I’m not.
I’m not ok
I don’t know what to do